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PMA Til I’m DOA Playlist

PMA. What does that mean? Positive Mental Attitude. To have a positive mental attitude means you choose to see the best in all situations and do the best you can regardless of what you come up against. Learning about the Hardcore music scene, the straight edge movement within the scene, and hearing more about the PMA lifestyle and listening to bands that promoted that lifestyle and mindset personally helped me as a Black woman and little girl in this world because there were so many times where I wanted to give up or felt like I did not belong but I persisted. With the voice of the singer/artist H.R. beautifully screeching in my ears while I listened to the Bad Brains song, “Attitude” on repeat I kept my head held high.

“Don’t care what you may do, we got that PMA. Don’t care what you may say, we got that PMA”

And then there is the Cancer Bats, the band behind the song this playlist is named after, gave me another anthem to scream at the top of my lungs when shit got hard. I got chills when I first heard the lyrics.

“I might get dragged

There's times when life will mess me around

I'll tell you this here

Nothing's gonna bring me down”

Or my favorite part:

“Everyday I'm alive's the best day of my life”.

Get into the habit of telling yourself that and see how your life will change. So this is for the babes who like to rock out with their heads held high. The ones who wake up and know that they can get through the day, no matter what is thrown their way.

Keep it up. We’re in this together and I’m sooo fucking proud of you.


Black As Yr Soul


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