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21st Century Digital Grrrl Playlist

who took the bomp?

a curated yet extensive playlist just for you! enjoy some of the latest and greatest from thee girls, gorls, gals, and some non-binary pals.

Featuring: Pleasure Venom, Betty Blowtorch, Fea, LUNA AURA, Babes in Toyland, and more...

Pop Punk Powerhouses Meet Me @ the Altar

In this playlist are artists who have broken the mold, not only as musicians, but also as people, showing and shouting about what it means to show up for yourself, your values, and your community in punk, metal, and rock. So be inspired and do it if you want to take up space. There is room for us and your voice.

What it was isn't what it has to be and you can help move the collective forward by simply letting yourself express yourself fully and authentically. Damn what anyone else might have to say about it.

Sing it out loud, show up to shows, and play any fucking music you want to, babes.

Please note: While some of the bands may subscribe to a specific genre or ideology, the post above is specifically my views and not that of anyone pictured or included in the playlist.

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