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Play That Back: Bad Brains

Curated Playlist by Solana of Black as your Soul to across their entire discography to headbang and sway to.

Essential to the conversation about punk culture and sound formation, most notably hardcore punk, Bad Brains is an all-Black genre-fluid punk/reggae band formed in DC in 1976. While they have gone through line-up changes over the years, the band began with and has ultimately always consisted of H.R. doing vocals, Darryl Jenifer on bass, Dr. Know on guitar, and Earl Hudson on drums.

In D.C. they gained a reputation with fans and venues alike for their high-energy shows that would sometimes leave establishments destroyed from all of the high energy. After a while they were eventually banned from planning in so many venues in DC it made sense to go explore somewhere else, like New York's growing music/punk scene, and make a name there which proved to be a good choice. Not only did they continue to grow and attract crowds but they eventually became a regular act in New York's iconic CBGB music club.

Over the years they have broken up and taken breaks but have a discography that stands the test of time and has continued to inspire some of our favorite artists and genres that grew from hardcore and punk, as well as the mash-up genre that has evolved over time.

What's your favorite song or album about Bad Brains? Which era did you like the most? What bands do you listen to know that you feel were inspired by Bad Brains and their fast-paced punk music, PMA, and eventually spiritually focused lyrics, or willingness to experiment with different genres and sounds?

Sound off below or @ me on any of my socials! I'd love to hear your voice.


Black As Yr Soul


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